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Tier 3+ datacentre space has become a commodity and there are now many shapes and sizes to choose from. ControlCircle’s value is its services wrap and its commercial flexibility. You can now have one price, one contract, one support contact, globally.

It's not about the services you take from day one, it’s the services that you may need down the road as your business applications change and adapt to new demands.

We give the same flexibility to our hosting services as we do to our Cloud platform. So you can pay for power and space, anywhere around the world as you use it.

Why procure your space through ControlCircle?

  1. Flexible commercial agreements, from contract length, to flexible space and power, aggregated power across estate rather than per rack, to reserving growth capacity.
  2. Service wrap, from additional security (dedicated biometrics, CCTV & caging), free WIFI, a mature Cloud platform to an extensive managed service portfolio.
  3. Max3000 our very own customer portal, whereby you can view real-time activity on your network, CCTV video of your racks, real-time monitoring of your power usage and full access to our Cloud self-service portal Hybrix.

Colocation offerings to fit your changing needs:

  1. Utility hosting: Pay for monthly usage on number of racks, power and connectivity.
  2. Contracted fixed price dedicated racks or suites.
  3. Bi-monthly special hosting offers, which include other services such as DDoS and connectivity.

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