Network & Security, BGP, MPLS

Network and security capabilities are fundamental to your businesses. With security threats and sophistication increasing, protecting your data and critical business infrastructure is a top priority – especially if you have to meet regulatory compliance requirements.  As these demands increase, so does the complexity, cost and risk of managing and securing your network in-house.

ControlCircle's advanced, global MPLS network and integrated security services enable the low-latency, high-performance, secure platform your business requires.  Whether you are delivering an online application to your users or connecting your sites around the world, ControlCircle can manage the operation and evolution of your business-critical network.

ControlCircle’s enhanced network service provides an Intelligent Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) framework running over dark fibre delivering high bandwidth, low latency internet connectivity across our diverse carriers. BGP utilises advanced upstream route analysis to continually process and determine the fastest path for outbound internet traffic.  Use our BGP Toolkit to view real time latency improvements and routing data:

You can rely on us to design and manage all aspects of your network from essential edge security, switching and load balancing, through to web acceleration, CDN services and advanced multi-site/active-active configurations, and our comprehensive suite of integrated security services can protect any aspect of your network, either on dedicated infrastructure or in the Cloud.  Experienced security engineers will analyse your requirements and vulnerabilities and implement appropriate security solutions and policies for firewalls, malware and intrusion detection.  In addition, we have significant experience designing and implementing fully compliant solutions, meeting the stringent regulatory requirements of PCI-DSS and ISO standards.

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