ControlCircle Managing the Global Security Estate


SMEs benefit from centralised multi-domain security management

The Challenge

With a growing global client list, ControlCircle has evolved its international reach to offer its users a better experience around the world. ControlCircle provides IT services from best-in-class datacentres from all over the world with sites in the UK, Western Europe, on the East and West Coast of North America and Singapore. Its international expansion has also coincided with a general market shift towards ‘total’ IT technology outsourcing where firms are now handing over complete responsibility of their IT infrastructure.

The Solution

ControlCircle has adopted Check Point Provider-1, a high performance multi-domain security management solution and centralised tool that allows it to oversee the entire global security infrastructure of its clients from a single dashboard. Within Provider-1, ControlCircle is able to execute a global baseline security policy across its clients’ security devices worldwide which ensures a consistent secure domain of devices across a global footprint.

Business Benefits

Client IT infrastructure is co-monitored by ControlCircle’s team of certified engineers in its 24/7 Network Operations Centre in London. The adoption of Check Point Provider-1 has increased the efficiency of ControlCircle’s IT security of ControlCircle’s IT security engineers with less required to manage the growing estate of security IT devices.

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